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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Binge Fest


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This Valentine’s Day forget binging on cheesy romantic movies, and OD on season one of Netflix’s “Santa Clarita Diet” instead.

It’s got all the romantic movie staples.

A couple whose love has grown a bit stale, check.

The shy, play-it-safe girl who wants more out of life, check.

Two suitors fighting for her affection, the classic jerk and her soulmate, check.santa-clarita-diet3

Adversity that ultimately brings the shy girl and her true love closer together, check.

Lots of lovemaking, check!

It also has an edgy twist that makes this series a cooler option than the same ole, same ole Hallmark Channel marathon.

**Spoiler Alert**

santa-clarita-diet2The shy girl looking for love (Drew Barrymore’s Sheila) becomes undead after crazy and funny accident.

This kind of undead is not the gray, rotted and dirty zombie you’ve seen on other shows and movies.

It’s more of a mom-next-door version.

No box of tissues, wine and chocolates needed for this RomCom binge fest.

Instead you’ll want a beer and some pizza. (After the first episode, that is. Trust me, you don’t want to watch the first episode while you’re eating.)










It’s a mix of “This is Forty,” “Date Night” and “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” Enjoy with or without a significant other.





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