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Did Baltimore Rapper Lil’ Key Get Put On After Losing Lifetime’s’Rap Game’?

All of Baltimore was stunned when kid rapper Lil’ Key didn’t get the So So Def chain at the end of “The Rap Game” Season 2. But from the looks of Lil’ Key’s Facebook and Instagram pages, that’s all behind him now.

The 15-year-old artist has been posting a lot of pictures from inside the Roc Nation headquarters for the past two days.

On Facebook, Key is posted on Roc Nation’s golden couch with the captions “If people are trying to bring you down it only means that you are above them.”

In another Facebook photo he’s got his arms around Roc Nation Exec Emory Jones. The caption: “Much Much Love to my guy Emory 🙏🏾 THANK YOU for bringing me in ! 🙏🏾Let’s work fam #RocNation

On Instagram he posted “The feeling you get when you put in work to sit in this chair #RocNation”


Lil’ Key was one of eight young artists competing for a contract and a chain on Jermaine Dupri’s reality show, “The Rap Game.”

Key’s forceful style made him a stand out. But his mentions of Lexington Market and condemnations of the violence in Baltimore’s streets made him a hometown hero.

In the final episode Lil’ Key’s “They gon be mad when I flex” performance  amped the crowd up more than some of the other competitors.

His energy put him in the top two. However LA swag plus an endorsement from Mariah Carey earned 18-year-old Mani the win.

Lil’ Key and his mom looked very sad and surprised by Dupri’s pick. But that has not stopped him from working.

According to the da ‘gram, Lil’ Key has been busy making music with “Rap Game” cast mate J.I.  who also goes by the moniker the Prince of New York.  He’s also been touring with Nia Kay (another cast mate), doing interviews with Vibe Magazine and Hot97 radio station, and joining with the J Dilla Project as the first kid artist to rap the late hip hop producer’s beats.

The feeling you get when you put in the work to sit in this chair ✨ #RocNation

A post shared by Lil Key (@bmorelilkey) on


So is Lil’ Key down with Jay Z now?

If so, Roc Nation has been very quite. There is no mention about the Baltimore rapper on any of the label’s social media pages.

Still, something tells me Lil’ Key is about to make some amazing moves.



7 thoughts on “Did Baltimore Rapper Lil’ Key Get Put On After Losing Lifetime’s’Rap Game’?

  1. I watch the so so def season two from the beginning when that so called mani won I felt so bad for you Lil Key but I know in my heart that you will go on and be a big success. So keep listening to your mother, I can see she is a protector and has much love for her son. I know and any person who witness that program knows that you were robbed.
    No one in that season brought it like you. In each life some rain must fall before the sun shines on you. I see nothing but rainbows. Stay up!

  2. Hey lil keys keep your head up and much love dats what my granny always told me and may she rest in peace.Ive watched you grow up ever since you rocked all the block party events the city of bmore gave and you always gave it 100 percent also always with your moms support.My name is Donte aka scoop from special events we are the ones who put the stages up dat yall rock on and also tents and bike racks.I have a son also who raps known as lil mouse so just keep doing what you doing lil keys the sun is still shineing on you and god got your back peace Donte city of Baltimore.

  3. I Think you should have won. Just because Mariah thought that Mani was better, It should have been about who performed best thru out the show. Maybe there should be a point system, that way everyone would have to bring their A game every week.

  4. I really thought u had it lil keys i am from Baltimore and i was proud when i saw u perform i feel u was supposed to win but God bless u and your family im looking forward to seeing u in the future one love

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