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You Will Love This HBO Actress’ Ezine

ThandieKay page

ThandieKay  webpage (Photo: Screenshot,

Lena Dunham isn’t the only TV actress with an online magazine.

Thandie Newton of HBO new series “Westworld” (premiering October 2) has teamed up with best frand make-up artist Kay Montano to launch an e-zine that is a sophisticated mix of couture and culture, beauty and #blackgirlmagic.

ThandieKay caters to women who are not only in tune with the latest trends but are also tuned into their local news watching women of all colors marching to say black lives matter.


Montano and Newton (Photo:

The bi-racial actress offers those women thoughtful essays such as LA film executive Funa Maduka’s “Are You Waiting for It to Be Me?  — one black woman’s open letter to her white friends urging them to speak up about the police shootings in Baltimore, Baton Rouge, and Minneapolis.

Partner Montano brings fashion-forward advice like how to rock black lips without looking too goth.

Still Newton’s no liberal stick in the mud. Here she is demonstrating her favorite look.


Kay also co-authored this progressive interview of Farah Naz, the founder of a British beauty brand dedicated to creating shades that every brown girl rock flawlessly.

Both women are dedicated to challenging society’s beauty standards and if their blog is any indication what that new definition is, it is one that proudly features black and brown women.



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