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The Real Meaning Behind Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’


Last weekend Beyoncé shook up the world of music when she released 12-song music video “Lemonade” as an HBO Special. Her haunting recitation of Somali-British poet Warsan Shire while dressed to the nines and swinging a bat made fans wonder if the whole thing was meant to punish her rapper husband Jay-Z.

However the song lyrics plus videos of her grandmother suggest there is more going.

Here’s another takeaway from “Lemonade”: It’s OK for strong Black women to acknowledge their feelings.

There is no doubt that the Beyoncé who gave us “Single Ladies” and “Run The World” is a strong black woman who can overcome anything. However in “Lemonade” she is vulnerable and filled with pain and regret.

Some think it’s to shame Jay-Z. (He is rumored to be romantically linked to with several women including designer Rachel Roy and singers Rihanna and Rita Ora.) But really Beyoncé is leading by example and showing Black women everywhere it’s OK to be all up in your emotions

“Lemonade” isn’t just a bunch of songs bashing men.

It’s a journey through the very complex emotions that follow a betrayal – from anger to emptiness to acceptance to forgiveness

The betrayal isn’t just from a loved one.

The appearance of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner’s mothers in the song “Forward” shows that the betrayal in Lemonade can come from a spouse as much as it can from the legal system.

The important thing is the journey from pain to new life.

In this journey Jay-Z is a foil whose purpose is to show women how to reach their own personal resurrection.


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