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FOX’s ‘Coupled’ a New, Improved Version of ABC’s ‘Bachelor’?



It seems FOX was thinking of the misogyny complaints lodged against “The Bachelor” fans when it created new reality dating show ‘Coupled.’ The show following 12 single ladies looking for love takes the power away from ….


the men and gives it the women. According to FOX, the “smart and young professional women” of “Coupled” have “the first choice as they instantly decide if they feel a spark of chemistry and want to spend more time with each guy, or if they don’t feel a connection and want to wait for the next one.”



Some “Bachelor” fans have long lamented that female contestants of the matchmaking game show resembled a harem where women are at the beckon and call of a man.

Even “The Bachelorette” (ABC’s attempt to evenly distribute the power between the sexes) seem to paint women in a negative light. This was abundantly evident in Season 11 where Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe had to compete against each other for the men’s affections in a show where the male suitors are supposed to be the ones contending for the Bachelorette’s heart.

Even after Bristowe jumped through the writers’ hoops and won the right to be the bachelorette, she was portrayed in a way in which she was later vilified by the male contestants and the viewing audience for adding a new contestant to the cast and then sleeping with him.

“Coupled,” on the other hand, is being billed as a “modern romance” that is aimed at a younger and more diverse group of women. Daters are allowed to communicate with each other via text message. As they message back and forth their text conversations pop up on screen.

The reality show set n the Caribbean is set to air on FOX starting May 17 at 9pm


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