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Rick’s Comeuppance in ‘Walking Dead’ Finale

last day on Earth

Rick and his crew strayed out of their lane going from peacemakers into the protection racket in the episodes leading up The Walking Dead Season 6 finale. In “Last Day on Earth,” they paid the bitter consequences.

Season 6 featured a ton of twists and turns. Alexandria went from safe haven to overrun with zombies and back again, old leaders died while new leaders emerged, and hope appeared and disappeared from view.

The biggest twist was Rick and his band becoming aggressors in the attack against Negan and the Saviors.

With Shane, Hershel’s farm, The Governor, the Termites and the people at Grady Memorial hospital, Rick always reasoned first and attacked second. When he and his people attacked, their assaults were always meant to protect themselves or their crew from harm. They emerged victorious and stronger than ever each time they left violence as a last resort.

Then Rick chose to enter the protection business when Alexandria’s pantries dried up, promising to kill Hilltop’s enemies for half of its farming and medical goods.

The Saviors summed their attack up perfectly in Episode 13. “You are not the good guys.”

Rick and his gang got their comeuppance last night.

The season’s finale was the hardest yet. Loyal TWD fans spent most of the evening watching their favorite characters literally spinning their wheels until there was no choice left but to confront The Saviors out-manned and out-gunned.

Pay back is a b!#*h.

ALERT: This article, in case you haven’t already noticed, is full of spoilers.

While Rick was busy trying to deal with two crises — Carol’s disappearance and Maggie’s possible miscarriage — Negan’s team blocked off every road leading from Alexandria to force a stand off.

Once Rick’s mob abandoned their RV, The Saviors encircled them, stripped away their weapons and forced the group to kneel execution-style before Negan.

last day on Earth 3

The last thing viewers saw was the Saviors’ leader gleefully beating an unidentified member of Rick’s gang to death with a barbed bat.

It’s easy to try and pin this whole mess on Carol, whose departure caused a lot of people to leave camp and end up in the Saviors’ trap. But maybe she and Morgan were right to try and leave the violence behind.

What we know from TWD and especially this season is once you become the aggressor, once you become the wager of wars, you can’t stop. You must be prepare to fight again and again and again. Unfortunately, Rick and his gang only had one good fight in them and they spent it on the wrong group.

Clearly the writers must agree with Carol and Morgan. Both of them were spared from the Negan confrontation, instead being rescued by a seemingly friendly group.


TWD fan will have to wait until Season 7 to see how long and how severely Rick and his posse will pay for straying from their morals.

last day on Earth 2

Video recap here:



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