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TV Exploring God, the Bible and the Ressurection

Three networks are preparing the way for Easter – now just two weeks away—with religious themed programs perfect for the religious and secular viewers alike.


ABC’s “Of Kings and Prophet” is a drama series about the Judeo-Christian hero David. The show which debuted last Tuesday, centers around Saul, a battle-weary king, the prophet Samuel who is portrayed as both powerful and “resentful,” and of course David who at the start of the drama is still a young shepherd boy.

In Episode 1 Saul (Ray Winstone) clashes with Samuel (Mohammad Bakri) over God’s will while David (Olly Rix) goes after the lion who is attacking the king’s sheep.

Sneak peaks of Episode 2 follow David as he falls for Saul’s daughter against his family’s advice thus foreshadowing to a time when he will be able to win her hand if he kills the Philistine’s prize fighter, Goliath.

Is it a word-for-word rendering of the Biblical tale and all of its themes? No, but it is a great series to rekindle interests in Christ’s forefather just in time for Resurrection Sunday.   


 The passion

FOX, who just pull off the large scale production “Grease Live,” is unveiling another live musical ”The Passion” airing March 20, 8 pm EST/ 7 central.

If you’re thinking about characters dressed in sheets of fabric, sporting facial hair and sandals, and speaking old English, think again.

“The Passion” will be a modern-day retelling of Jesus’s last moments before the crucifixion unlike “Grease Live,” which looked and felt a lot like the 70s movie.

In the advance clips Jesus and his disciples are young and hip. They wear cargo pants and leather jackets as they walk the streets of New Orleans.


Also the music aren’t all hymns and contemporary Christian music. Judas (played by American Idol alum Chris Daughtry) will be singing music from rock bands ImagineDragons and Evanescence.



The two-hour event will be hosted by Tyler Perry and star country singer Trisha Yearwood, Seal and acclaimed gospel artist Yolanda Adams.



the story of God pic

(Photo: Screengrab/ channel.nationalgeographic.com


You don’t have to be Christian or even religious to appreciate National Geographic Channel’s “Story of God.”

Its host, Morgan Freeman, often portrays God in movies. “Story of God” follows the actor as he travels the globe asking questions about creation, the existence of evil and the afterlife to uncover the origins of God.

“The Story of God” with Morgan Freeman premieres April 3.


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