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YouTube Romance Forms on ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 28

Brodie and blair

Blair Fowler and Brodie Smith finally meet when the teams stop at the airport (Photo:


YouTubers Blair Fowler and Brodie Smith form a “showmance” on Season 28 of the “The Amazing Race.” The frisbee enthusiast finally catches up with his beauty and lifestyle vlogger crush and sleeps with her on national television… sort of.

In the previous episode Smith admitted he had a thing for Fowler. Fowler also said she knew of Brodie’s feelings and wanted to speak with him.

She wasn’t the only one anxious for the two to get together. The other teams also want to see a romance between the two YouTube stars.

Brodie Amazing race

Brodie (right)  and his partner Kurt Gibson measure how many people can sit on a Promenade de la Treille bench (Photo:


Ashley Jenkins of told the camera “If we can get Brodie and Blair to meet –  awww, he’d be so happy! He’s got such a little crush.” Korey Kuhl of the Psychobabble podcast and Team Korey and Tyler gleefully joked to Smith “Tyler wants to be the flower girl at the wedding.”

In Episode 4 Fowler and Smith finally met at the start their leg. They stole away to talk just out of audio range while Blair’s dad and “Amazing Race” partner Scott nervously looked on.

Blair and Scott Blair

In Detour A, Scott and Blair Fowler must assemble a classic Swiss Army knife. (Photo:


Smith tried to down play things saying “I enjoy every racer’s company, Blair included.” But later he and Fowler are seen sleeping outside of their first overnight stop cuddled up next to each other.

Here we are, witnessing true love in its earliest stages,” said Tyler Oakley of the self-title channel. He continued, “It was the moment when two sleeping bags became one.”

Fowler, who makes video recaps of each of the “Amazing Race” Season 28 episodes, has yet to talk about Friday’s episode and the relationship between she and Smith. But she told the camera “There’s not not interest” and “It was nice to finally sit down and have a conversation”

Season 28 of CBS’ “The Amazing Race” is all about social media. All of the 12 teams of racers have a strong following on online platforms YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Check out the entire cast here:







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