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‘X-Files’ Mini-series Finale Asks Do You Still Believe

X files finale

The X Files’ return to TV ends with a surprising flip flop of beliefs and challenges both Mulder and Scully as well as viewers to answer the question, do you still believe.

***Spoiler Alert***

At the conclusion of the six-episode encore mini-series, X-Files writers present us with a stunning role reversal:  Dana Scully, once the skeptical scientist, is a believer in the alien.

Fox Mulder, on the other hand, no longer believes in an impeding alien invasion. Rather he realizes the government has been using pop culture’s fascination (and his own) with UFOs for their political interests.

Mulder and Scully’s awakening came from a familiar source, “The Smoking Man.” Ever resilient, it seems that C.G.B. Spender not only survived the bombing of his New Mexico hide out in the original series, but retained a power position within the Syndicate (or the New Syndicate).

It was a fun way to end an original series that captured the attentions of cynics and believers alike.

The writers did a fabulous job aligning the storyline of the mini-series with the plot of the X-Files franchise as well as skillfully riffing off the hot topics that has garnered public discussion since the X-Files went off air in 2002.

When a DC hospital is overwhelmed by an unexplained contagion, Scully believes The Syndicate put something in the vaccinations given to America’s children. (A clear riff on the controversial so-called link between immunizations and autism.)

The terrorism attack on a Texan art gallery displaying anti-Islamic images in the episode “Babylon” was clearly taken from the news headlines.

Also the dueling interests of rich, conspiracy spouting TV host Tad O’Malley and the over-population fearing Spender loosely resembles the 2016 presidential election.

Finally fans were introduced to the possible next generation of the X-Files in Special Agents Miller (Robbie Amell) and Einstein (Lauren Ambrose) who even had Scully’s trademark red hair.

Will FOX introduce a new series where Miller and Einstein captivate Millennial believers? There’s no word about that just yet.

One thing is certain, the mini-series’ closing image – an unidentified air craft shining a ray of light on Scully just as she introduces a vaccine made from her alien DNA to the world—will leave fans seeking answers in the original series now available on Netflix.


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