Nike Unveils New Web Series ‘Margot vs. Lily’

Margot vs Lilly

Nike Women’s newest fitness campaign “Better For It” takes on a fun new twist — a funny web based series aimed at female coach potatoes. “Margot vs. Lily” is about two sisters who are very different.

Lily is an athlete with a Type A personality. She displays her passion for working out on a popular fitness vlog.

Big sister Margot is witty and laid back and would rather to pick up a game controller than a medicine ball — especially since losing her job over an errant tweet.

Out of sibling rivalry and maybe a little jealousy, a challenge is born. Lily challenges Margot to create her own fitness channel with 1,000 subscribers, and Margot dares socially awkward Lily to make three new friends.


The trailer and the first episode is addictive.

Margot feels like your BBF with her snarky humor and penchant for parties. How can you not feel sorry for her when she gets fired over the holidays? Her parents don’t get her pain, and her sister is rubbing her success in face.

Lily is so obliviously focused it is hilarious.

While you binge on this cool series, Nike Women ingeniously soft-sells you sleek fitness gear like the ones Margot got for Christmas and the Nike Training Club app Lily mentions in her vlog.


The trailer, “Margot Vs. Lily” Episode 1, and The LilyNinja Fitness New Year, “New You” vlog has over 280,000 views so far.

“Margot Vs. Lily” is an eight-episode series. Nike Women will release a new episode every Monday on its YouTube account.

Watch the first episode here:


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