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Idris Elba Wins SAG Award for ‘Luther’

idris elba

British actor Idris Elba took home two SAG awards Saturday, one of which was for his role as the brilliant yet tortured Detective Chief Inspector John Luther in the BBC mini series “Luther’

The former “Wire” actor was recognized as the best male actor in a TV movie or mini series for the role.

The dark police drama follows Luther, a detective with anger issues who constantly straddles the line of good and evil in the gritty streets of London.

The series concluded in 2013 after three four-episode seasons. All three of those seasons are currently available on Netflix.

However Luther grew so popular that writer Neal Cross created a final fourth season with two more episodes. Those episodes were released last year.

Elba said of Cross Saturday “He writes this show, which is the darkest show on TV from a loving window in New Zealand. I’m not sure where he gets it.”

The win took him by surprise. Elba tweeted a picture of his two awards with the caption “You wait for one bus and TWO come along at the same time. Life innit”

Elba also won for best supporting actor in the movie “Beasts of No Nation.”





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