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‘Scandal’ Fast Forward Good News for Fans

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The decision to fast forward “Scandal”‘s plot to Mellie’s bid for the White House is good news for dutiful fans who have grown tired of Fitz and Olivia’s on and off again relationship.

That’s right, the ABC drama (set to return Feb. 11) will jump ahead six months according to The Hollywood Reporter.  Everything will be completely different – Fitz and Liv are no longer talking to each other and Mellie will be powerful again.

This is the best thing ever for fans. Why?

  1. Fitz and Liv’s romance is scorched earth – This story line is deader than dead. Liv and Fitz have tried everything from being just friends, to being secret lovers, to rebounding with others, to standing in the sun and planning a shot gun marriage. The two of them have gone from sexual highs to marital counseling. There is nothing else left to try.
  2. The show was starting to become weirdly anti-feminist – When “Scandal” Season 1 aired, women and especially women of color  were enamored. We finally have a show about a beautiful, educated and powerful black women, they shouted. They showed their pleasure with high ratings and unprecedented social media engagement every Thursday night. But as time when a long, the leading lady we got was anything but leaning forward. But how could  such a powerful, educated women do things (such as rig polling machine, cover up murders and stand by a love that threatens to bring her down) to jeopardize her career. Little by little the women who stood by Scandal have come to see Olivia become little more than a side piece. My how the mighty have fallen.
  3. We have already fallen in love with Mellie – In the fans’ eyes, Mellie has gone from frigid bitch to a broken women hardened by time and bad experiences – sort of like the hit book and movie The Joy Luck Club. While Liv and Fitz were rolling around like horny teenagers, Mellie’s story line developed and #TeamMellie grew. So going with a new plot where the newly divorced Mrs. Fitzgerald Grant dominates is simply following the will of the people.
  4. There are other scandals to be had other than a secret affair with the president – What about the scandal of two powerful women (Mellie and Liv) daring to run the world? Think of the conversations it could portray about new feminism vs old feminism, white feminist vs black feminist. Think of all the stereotypes Shonda Rhimes could break down. The show could be edgy again instead of the same old sad love song.



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