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Five Confusing Things About the Scream Queens Finale


scream Queens


Scream Queens, Fox’s horror-based satire of sorority girls, concluded Tuesday night with the final unmasking of The Red Devils plus the dismantling of the Kappa House’s hierarchy. However the two-hour finale felt rushed, leaving behind plenty of questions in this TV watcher’s mind.


1.       How Can Pete Be One of the Devils?


It felt like there was a complete script change between last episode and the finale when Pete reveal he was part of the revenge-bent group stalking Wallace University.


How can the same lovable reject reporter who waxed poetic about how killing the stern Dean Cathy Munch (Jamie Lee Curtis) is just as despicable as fraternal hazing turn psychotic an episode later? It just wasn’t believable.



2.       How killed Gigi?


Pete confessed to be in the hotel room with Gigi and Boon. There he killed Boon (Nick Jonas). But then Gigi and the masked Red Devil stayed in that room where they made Thanksgiving crafts, ordered quail and The Red Devil cut off Gigi’s head.

But in hour two of the Scream Queen’s finale, Hester said she killed Gigi. When did the masked devils switch places?


3.       Why Pick Hester/ Chanel No. 6 to Be The Red Devil?

Hester talked so much about killing, maiming and concealing corpses the entire show, it seemed obvious that she could be the killer. Too obvious actually. I had hoped for a better twist like the other killer is Zaydey (Keke Palmer) or Chanel No. 5 or Chanel No. 2 (Ariana Grande).


4.       How Could Grace Be Thrown Off Hester’s Scent So Easily?


Skyler stayed on the scent of Gigi for the majority of the show. She wasn’t thrown off when Gigi tried to explain away her stay at the mental institution and she had less evidence then. She had more evidence against Hester from her bogus college application and the DNA test results she got from Pete.

5.       How Did Grace Get the DNA Results from Pete Confirming that Hester was the Other Baby in the Bathtub?

Grace said Pete told her that the DNA results pointed to Hester. Except he didn’t because he was killed before he could. Did the writers and producers forget about this twist?

 Sadly I found this finale unsatisfying. After all the twists and turns the show pulled off in earlier episodes, it felt like the final episode reverted back to the predictable solution and writers just quickly patched together a story line to make us buy it.


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