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Charlie Sheen Asking $10M for Tell-All Book

Former Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen wants a $10 million deal for his memoir, according to reports.

The New York Post quotes insiders who say the 50-year-old actor is penning a tell-all book since he announced last month that he is HIV positive. He is now putting out feelers to see how much publishers would be willing to pay for the project.

However an unidentified publishing expert has told the Post that Sheen’s 10-million-dollar price tag is laughable.

“So much of his life has played out in public, and so much is sordid — in this case there may be too much information. What’s left to find out?” the exec told the Post.

TMZ reported about Sheen’s HIV status before the Today Show announcement. The same site also has several accounts of Sheen’s sexual exploits with porn stars, his marital spats and meltdowns for anyone to search and read.

Charlie Sheen

The high bid may be a desperate attempt to recover the millions of dollars Sheen said he paid out to extorters before he publicized his health news.

It’s possible that he will have to pay out millions more as sexual partners take their complaints to the courts.


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