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Scandal Season 5 Episode 6 Recap: “Get Out of Jail, Free”

SCANDAL - "Heavy is the Head" - Olivia and Fitz are back together again and enjoying every scandalous moment together while Cyrus, Mellie and Huck are all still dealing with the aftermath of helping Command. Meanwhile, when a visit from the Queen of Caldonia and her family turns into a tragedy, Olivia is hired to make sure the Royal family's private life stays private, on the Season 5 premiere of "Scandal," THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 24 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Nicole Wilder) TONY GOLDWYN, BELLAMY YOUNG

It hurts my heart to see my favorite character Mellie being railroaded, but everyone who loves her knows she does stay down very long.

This episode starts with a impeachment hearing. Before the meeting Mellie was told the Senate Judiciary Committee would only ask her questions from an approved list. However as soon as the meeting began, the committee chairs immediately ambushed her with info from Jeannine Locke. As you may recall, Mellie and Liv tried to pay her to lie to keep the heat off the White House.

Sadly Mellie forced to utter the words she dreaded most “I don’t recall.”

Suddenly Mellie’s political career is seemly ruined and the Oval is backing away from its previous decision to comply with the investigation.

But what about Olivia?

The Chief of Staff has a plan – A quickie divorce and a shot gun wedding. If Liv is Fitz wife, she can’t be forced to testify against him. Fitz believes it is the perfect solution.

But for Liv, it is everything that Mellie warned her about in Episode 3.

Between becoming the next First Lady and being skewered by the Senate Judiciary Committee, Liv says she’ll take her chances with the hearing. (Sorry Fitz!)

However a newly re-instated Cyrus Beene reminds Ms. Pope that the affair is the least of her troubles. She’s got a lot of blood on her hands from Fitz’s presidential election to letting Mama Pope, an international terrorist, go to the war in West Angola perpetrated to appease Olivia’s kidnappers.

All of it can be brought up if Liv takes the stand.

Still she can’t say yes to marrying Fitz. He says he’ll find another way.

Lets jump to Rowan for a second. He has a special meeting set up … with Jake’s wife Elise Martin. Seems she and Command have a romantic relationship and she’s in America to break him out.

Rowan follows a prison guard to the laundry room where he will hide out in a hamper and be wheeled out of the gates. But as he goes to get inside, Rowan is attacked from behind. This isn’t an escape plan; it’s a murder plot.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) the former head of B613 is tough as nails. Bye bye guard.

Rowan then pretends to be sick in order to get away from whoever’s trying to kill him. When the hospital tries to reach out to his friends and family, a nurse mistakenly contacts Jake and reveals that Elise visited Rowan.

An angry Jake confronts his estranged wife and she confesses is here to kill Rowan. She was the one who paid the guard to take him out. Jake believes Elise and decides to work with her to take down Command.

The judiciary committee subpoenas Pope and Associates to testify about the Jeannine Locke cover up. But Quinn, Red and Huck have an ace up their sleeves. They don’t have to lie because they didn’t leaked the video about Locke. Harrison did and he’s dead. (Subtle dig from Shonda?)

The Pope and Associates gang has outsmarted the committee for now. But they still have not created an out for Olivia.

Liv tells Abby about Cy’s plan to marry the president. Abby thinks it a good idea, but Liv believes doing so would be living a lie. So should she lie at the hearing or lie to herself and marry Fitz?

Suddenly a third option appears. Papa Pope wants out of jail and is prepared to make the impeachment hearing go way in exchange for his freedom.

Olivia and Quinn are both open to idea but it requires Mellie’s help because she can forge Fitz’s signature. But Mellie isn’t ready to help out a murderer especially after Liv lets a bombshell slip … Rowan killed her son.

Fitz doesn’t know about the third option and doesn’t care to create one. He wants Liv to marry him.

He scatters rose petals and enough lit candles to burn the White House down a second time around the balcony and tries to propose to her on bended knee.  But then he throws a hissy fit when Liv tells him to get up.

The more and more he goes on about all the things HE had to do make this night special and how embarrassing it all is for HIM, the less and less it sounds like this marriage is about the both of them.

It’s even more clear that this is the Fitz show when he signs the divorce papers with Mellie. Fitz tries to shift all the blame onto Mellie. But Mellie’s not about to let Fitz to kick her when she’s down or use her as a scapegoat for all his failures.

Mellie sets Fitz straight: everything that has happened in their marriage – her rape, his affair, all the scandals they pulled off to get him the presidency, all of the scandals they pulled off to keep him there – would never had happened if she never married him. He is the source of the problems.

But in the end, Fitz always gets what he wants. Mellie signs the papers and Liv agrees to marry him so long as there is no wedding gown, no flowers, no vows and she gets to keeps her name. (Dang. Do you even love him?)

They set the wedding date for the morning of the hearing. Liv is already being pushed to her limit when she is assigned a secret service detail and her cell phone is confiscated.

Suddenly she gets a phone call that changes everything:  Liv takes off her white skirt suit and ring, the committee members get envelopes filled with evidence of bribe-worthy dirt, and Jake finds Elise dead at their meet up point.

Rowan is free from jail, Mellie is free from Fitz but Olivia not free. Yes the impeachment hearing is ended and Liv doesn’t have to worry about jail time anymore. But now Liv works for Mellie.


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