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Scandal Season 5 Episode 4 Recap: “Dog-Whistle Politics”

(Photo: ABC)

(Photo: ABC)

Days after Olivia admits she is sleeping with the President, her world is falling apart. No one wants to be a gladiator anymore, Pope and associates is losing clients, and the media is dragging her name through the mud.

She’s trapped behind drawn curtains and burner phones watching scathing tell-all specials about herself. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Fitz wants to help by firing Abby, but honestly Red’s actions are the only thing keeping the heat off the Oval.  However it may not work for long.

A bipartisan caucus of Senate women wants to impeach the president with Mellie’s help and under Cy’s influence, Mellie is actually considering it.

The Republican men are not exactly in Fitz’s corner either. They don’t like the idea of Liv pulling his strings. They want him to with them privately or else face a public congressional hearing.

With all the attention on Liv, Papa Pope has activated a secret plan to grab valuable paintings and rebuild his coffers by burning the Louvre Museum in Paris. Jake and David travel to France to expose the former B613 commander’s actions. There Jake finds … his wife.

Yes, Jake was married but she was presumed dead after a military mission mishap. After a jarring reunion, she agrees to help Jake and David. However their sting goes awry and she is shot. The injury has Jake wanting to renew their relationship.

Back in Washington, there are glimmers of hope for Fitz and Olivia.

Mellie brokers a political ceasefire with Fitz after she sees him playing with their son Teddy. (Seriously where has that boy been?)

An ambitious black lawyer who wants to “help a sister out” joins Pope and Associates and he’s going out around town calling the media out on its “dog-whistle politics.”

Still Liv is cracking under all the death threats, taunts and rape comments online. And Fitz has loss his political power. The only way he can keep his job is to repeal some of his prized legislation.

When all seems lost, Fitz throws caution to the wind and decides he’s going to take his girlfriend Liv out dinner. In his mind neither of them have done anything wrong. Why should they have to hide?

Apparently Mellie doesn’t see it that way. She’s calling together the female congressional caucus to pursue impeachment.


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