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Empire Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: “Be True”

(Photo: Fox)

(Photo: Fox)

Andre wants to lead a spiritual revival but the Devil is testing his family.

Andre is finally back home at Empire. However Lucious is making it clear that he has to start at the very bottom, Gutter Life Records.  Not only that, Papa Lyon wants Andre wants to get his hands dirty.  He greets his son with a room filled with strippers and insists they all give him lap dances.

Although Andre was in all black digging up a body last episode, Andre is not about that life. He’s saved now and is on good speaking terms with God.  But he also doesn’t want to leave Empire again.

Andre’s pastor Rev. L. C. Price tells he is being tested and instructs him reveal all his secrets to his family and invite them to his baptism.

Cookie’s being tested too.

Some street thugs are terrorizing Lyon Dynasty. Two girls walk up to Tiana, put a razor to her throat, and steal her bag. Later a video featuring three masked people going through Tiana’s Birkin pops up online. The masked criminals want Cookie to pay street taxes.

The tests keep coming. This time it’s about Jamal. He’s making new music and getting ready to blow up. But will he stay true to himself?  His father wants to change his sound and he wants Jamal to go on tour without his partner, Michael. Jamal pushes back on both suggestions.

But then there’s the visual artist behind Jamal’s magazine cover, Chase One. Last week Chase dropped plenty of hints that he wanted to get into Jamal’s pants. This episode he actually goes for it.

Jamal passes the test; he makes it clear that he is not cheating on Michael. Jamal is confident in his love for Michael and wants him by his side while he is on tour.

But where Jamal passed, Michael fails.

Jamal later catches Michael with his pants down, receiving pleasure from – who else? – Chase.

Cookie is still working on hers.

She has found a promoter, Mr. Laz Delgado, who she thinks could help curb the threats against Lyon Dynasty. Then she confronts the devil himself … Lucious of course.

Lucious laughs at the notion that he is behind Tiana’s purse snatching but he doesn’t deny it. In fact he uses his crooked lawyer Thirsty to urge Andre to steal Lyon Dynasty’s masters. Andre’s not having it. In fact Andre is more determined than ever to clean his closets and start his life anew.

He confesses to pitting his brothers against each other in order to steal the company from under their noses and setting up the robbery that almost killed Jamal. The brothers forgive Andre and promise to attend the baptism.

But Lucious is nothing if not crafty.  While Cookie talks shop with Mr. Delgado, two more thugs break into her office to steal Lyon Dynasty’s music and plant listening devices. Under gunpoint the pair confesses to working with Thirsty and Lucious.

Lucious is not the least bit ashamed of his actions.  He openly declares his atheism and tells Andre to check his faith at the door.

But there’s a chink in the devil’s armor: Lucious loves his family and when he see how fatherlessness is affecting his newest rapper Freda, he shows up at Andre’s baptism.

But the demons in Lucious’ past, namely his mother’s mental illness prevents him from getting close with Andre. Andre’s illness and his new religious fervor reminds Lucious too much of his painful childhood so he leaves.

The clouds seem to be clearing, and the Devil seems to be retreating. That is until masked men kidnap Hakeem. Looks like there are more trials to come.


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