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Empire Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: ‘Poor Yorick’

(Photo: FOX)

(Photo: FOX)

This is chess, not checkers and Cookie’s got moves for days!

Things kick off with an FBI raid of Empire’s headquarters and Lucious’ home.  Lucious is unshaken though.  He’s feeling like an OG now and wants the company to expand and Jamal to move forward with his album and an upcoming magazine cover.

Lucious’ so confident that he welcomes Roxanna Ford and the FBI to his home butt-naked. “Look where you like” (ROTFL!)

Just when Cookie starts to celebrate the demise of Empire, the feds raid Lyon Dynasty too.

In an emergency meeting, Lucious’ crooked lawyer Thirsty tries to get everyone to be a family. He also wants to track down Vernon. (All eyes on Andre.)

At first it seems to be working. Jamal and Hakeem arrange to do a music video together. No love lost there.

Lucious and Andre appear to have a breakthrough. The two talk about family, and Dad seems a bit more willing to bring his bi-polar son back on board.

Now Andre is more determined than ever to get back into the company he helped build. He wants to dig Vern’s body and present it to Lucious as the solution to all his problems.

Everyone seems to be a tight-knit group at the video set until Hakeem gets jealous of the way Lucious is fawning over Jamal’s cover art. Hakeem slashes Jamal’s portrait and the video collaboration is shut down by a brotherly brawl.

With all the ruckus no one notices that Cookie’s been snatched up by the police on some bogus charges.

Cookie plays it cool with Roxanna, but she’s feeling the PTSD of being locked up without her family.

However just when it looks like she’s cracking, Cookie makes a power move. She supplies Roxanne with a phony story about Lucious’ Apex radio deal. Looks like Hakeem is going to back on the radio sooner that he expected!

Rhonda wants to be a ride or die so she goes with Andre to dig up Vernon.

(Photo: FOX)

(Photo: FOX)

Only problem is they can’t find his body, and there’s a car coming.

Whew! It’s just Lucious and Thristy. They find the corpse and put is somewhere special.

Happy Halloween Roxanne!

Andre is back on in Empire and Hakeem has finally found a new Latina talent for his girl group, an unknown singer named Laura Calleros.


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