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Scandal Season 5, Episode 3 Recap “Paris is Burning”

Let the slut shaming begin.

At the start of the episode is Red is scrambling to shut down the President and First Lady’s interview before they are caught in a lie all over national television. The jig is up: Liv has confirmed that she is Fitz’s mistress.

Abby stalls the interview because of a “security breach.” The plan is genius, but unfortunately Fitz and Mellie have already said too much, bragging about their two-decade long marriage and denouncing unfair attacks on their “friend” Olivia Pope.


The phony security scare also gives reporter Noah Baker time to figure out what’s really going on. He is threatening to go with what he has unless the first couple returns and answers his questions on air.

Back in the Oval Office, Mellie is furious. After all the work she did to put on a happy face and cover up her husband’s affair (again), Liv goes and screws it all up.

Fitz, on the other hand, can barely contain his delight. He’s ready to go public with his own sanitized version of the truth: He and Mellie have drifted apart and are seeking a divorce. Now he’s dating his former political advisor and “friend” Olivia Pope.

Speaking of the devil, guess who’s here. Olivia always has perfect timing.

Mellie is livid. Yes, it is an insult that her husband is sleeping with his mistress in their bed, in the White House. But an “amicable” break up is also really bad news for Mellie’s political future. It’s hardly fair this should happen now considering all the things she’s done to advance Fitz’s career.

Presidency be damned: Fitz is ready to stand in the sun with his brown-skin beauty.

Suddenly the situation becomes an intense negotiation.

Mellie calls Cyrus Bean and instructs him to destroy Liv, hurt Fitz and assure her chances of attaining the presidency.

She isn’t the only one who is hurt by the news. Abby is upset that Liv lied to her face during the presidential dinner in Episode 1. She charges Olivia with withholding the truth because she doesn’t believe that Abby could handle a scandal of this proportion. Liv doesn’t deny her accusation and thus confirms Abby’s theory.


Now she’s going back and forth with Cy to prove she can be a boss.

Cyrus demands  Fitz gives Mellie the Santa Barbara house that has been his family for generations, donate to her presidential campaign, answers her every beckon and call when it comes to campaign appearances and oh, by the way, keep his relationship with Olivia out of the spotlight until her presidential terms are complete.

Fitz knows these terms are ridiculous, but he follows Liv’s counsel and accepts all her terms with little negotiation.

Cy feels triumphant but then Mellie rejects the deal. Mellie doesn’t want a quick resolution. She wants to see her husband suffer.  The Cyrus she knows used to be an expert at making people to grovel. Has he lost his edge?

Cy realizes that what Mellie wants is for Fitz to take her back.

Liv, on the other hand, is starting to have second thoughts as it becomes more and more apparent that this scandal may not end well for her.

Her firm is overwhelmed with reporters’ calls, and Quinn and Huck are pretty much powerless to help their beloved boss.

A drunken Mellie also reminds Olivia that as soon as she publically becomes the President’s woman, she will become little more than a pretty face. No one will care about her ambitions, her career, about her wants and her needs. She will have to throw away all of that be on the president’s arm.

Fitz and Mellie finally come out of their corners and talk. He apologizes for all the things that have transpired in their marriage and admits that they are a formidable team.

Everything seems to be working out: Mellie is smiling and agreeing to do the interview together. But then Cy decides to try his luck and begs the President to take him back as well. Fitz says no.

Suddenly the vengeful Cyrus is back. He convinces the First Lady that she is being played. Cyrus and Mellie both storm out of the Oval and take off in the presidential limo.

The interview is definitely over.

Fitz is in denial, but Abby and Liz knows what needs to be done. The two have made up and now Liz trusts Abby to handle the situation … by dragging her name through the mud.

And, oh yeah, Paris is burning.


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