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Empire Season 2 Episode 3 “Fires of Heaven” Recap

Cookie crashes Lucious' party.

Cookie crashes Lucious’ party.

The battle is on between Empire and Lyon Dynasty.

Lucious is out of jail and ready to go to war. His first plan of action: a family dinner flaunting the thwarted hostile takeover in Cookie’s face and luring rebellious fractions, namely Hakeem, back to Empire.

Last episode Hakeem leaked his unreleased album with Empire online. This episode Hakeem used the leak to on promote Lyon Dynasty and his new Latina girl band on Sway’s show the morning of Lucious’ release.

The Lyon patriarch is determined to get Hakeem back. He gives Cookie and Hakeem the “opportunity” to apologize by dismantling heir label.  Lucious’ plan however blows up in his face. Hakeem refuses to back down and Cookie lets it be none that she’s “always going to eat, just not with you. “

By the way, that nice dinner you planned Lucious, Cookie just knocked it over on the floor.

Cookie 1, Lucious 0,

Lucious moves to his next strategy, a secret meeting with ex-fiancée Anika to persuade her to help sabotage Lyon Dynasty. Anika appears to bite but she has another plan. She wants to hurt Lucious and figures the enemy of her enemy is her friend.

Anika goes straight to Cookie and tells her about the party Lucious is planning to promote — who else?  — himself. (Apparently he’s a god now)

Later that night Jamal is performing with Pitbull at his father’s club when Hakeem’s crew sneaks in and takes over the turntables.  Cookie is crashing the party to announce her new label with a battle rap from Hakeem. Oh, and Hakeem has a guest artist too —  Timbaland.

Lucious saves face by letting the performance happen and everyone is impressed even Pitbull.

Cookie 2, Lucious 0

Lucious is already on to the next – artist that is. He wants Jamal to sign Frank Gathers’ rapper daughter Freda Gatz. (Guess she doesn’t know he killed her father?!)

But Lucious can’t step foot inside Empire HQ due and Jamal’s jealous that his father called Freda “his everything musically.”

Jamal has been holding the business down at the expense of his own music and his relationship with his mother. Why isn’t his music mogul dad paying attention to him? (Oh, boo-hoo.)

So Freda and her crew leaves without a deal.

Cookie, on the other hand, is working hard to get Latina girl group “Mirage à Trois” in gear. Hakeem promised Sway they would be ready to perform on his show in three days. Cookie, who’s busier than ever since her “guest appearance” at Lucious’ party, wants to be sure the group is top-notch. The only hitch in her plan is Valentina Galindo, a sassy solo artist who slept with Hakeem and is now acting like a Diva.

You know Cookie’s not going to have that. She sets Valentina straight and practice moves forward without a glitch.

Freda is rapping in her hood when things go sideways and she pulls a gun on a hater. Lucious, who is there to broker a deal, grabs Freda and tries to convince her to make a better way for herself than just living in the streets.

It’s the morning of Mirage à Trois’ performance. Cookie and Hakeem are pacing the floors of Sway’s studio. Valentina is late.

Lucious walks through the door. Surprise! He’s bought several radio stations including Sway’s and Lyon Dynasty is black-balled from them all.  Oh, and surprise again: Valentina has signed with Empire as its newest pop artist.

Although the scoreboard is tied, Cookie 2, Lucious 2, it seems like Empire has already won.

Only time will tell.

Lucious still has not been cleared for Bunkie’s murder – a crime he did commit – and the FBI is determined to nail him to the wall.


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