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Scandal Season 5 Episode 2 “Yes” Recap

scandal image

It’s the “Yes” heard around the world.

The second episode of Scandal picks where premier left: Sally outing Fitz and Olivia’s relationship.

Fitz wants to make a joint public statement with Olivia announcing their love.

Olivia, on the other hand, immediately exits the White House through the secret tunnels and urges the President not to call her until she says so.

Abby warns Fitz that Olivia will never publicly acknowledge their relationship. Still he continues to hold onto hope, making Abby the laughing stock of the media.

Olivia takes her focus away for the White House and onto her work. She takes on the case of a missing son who is also a suspected murderer out on bond. Olivia finds him at a small town casino with Huck and Jake’s help. However she loses him when everyone recognizes her as the president’s girlfriend.

Like or not, she is a celebrity now.

While holed up with Jake, Olivia admits that she doesn’t want to go public about her secret love life because she doesn’t know what her next steps would be.

Basically this is one situation the ultimate fixer cannot fix.

Jake tells Olivia to trust gut.

Meanwhile Abby decides to take charge thanks to some advice from Cyrus Beene. (Is he angling for a return to the White House????)  Abby tells the press that Mellie still lives in the White House. Then she goes over Elizabeth’s head to push the president to make up with the First Lady.

Quinn pushes Huck to admit that he is not “fixed” despite his late night pow-wow with B613 pal Jake. Quinn tells him that it is OK to be flawed and admits she too is broken.

Back to Fitz. He comes to his senses after Olivia ducks all his calls. He rings Mellie and they arrange a TV appearance to refute Sally’s rumors.

Meanwhile Olivia wraps up her case: She and Jake catch the fugitive son and gets him to confess to killing his father.

As she forces her way through the press gaggle outside of her condo, one reporter asks Olivia if she is the president’s mistress. Olivia trusts her gut and answers yes.

Although Olivia and Fitz’s sorted affair is a tired story line, this twist promises to be interesting.

Will Fitz set his marriage and legacy aside and go public with Olivia? Or will the DC fixer get a taste of her own medicine?

Either way Abby has her work cut out for her. Run Abby, run!


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