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A New Rick Emerges in “Fear The Walking Dead” Finale

Travis bared his fists in the “Fear the Walking Dead” season finale, showing he has both the power and moral compass to be the spin-off’s “Rick.”

~SPOILER ALERT~ In the “The Good Man” Travis, a mild-mannered English literature teacher, nearly beats a soldier to death for mistaking his kindness for weakness.  Travis took pity on Andy and let him go before Daniel could murder him. But Travis pummels the soldier when he uses his new-found freedom to take revenge on the Salvadorian immigrant by shooting his daughter Ofelia.

Like “Walking Dead” Sheriff Rick Grimes, Travis is not willing to abandon the rules just because everything around him has gone to hell in a hand basket. He craves order and civility. But he is not weak. Like Rick, Travis will do whatever it takes to protect his blood, bond and tag-along family.

Girlfriend Madison and ex-wife Lisa learn just how strong he can be near the end of the episode. Both women believed that Travis would break if he ever had to kill someone he loved. But after discovering Lisa’s been infected, he takes the gun and carries out her wish to die.

Afterward Travis walks toward the water and drops to his knees. He cries for his dream of a united family but he is unapologetic. He did what needed to be done.

FTWD writers promise we will see more of Travis in 2016. I for one can’t wait to see how this character continues to evolve.

(Feature Image: IMDb)


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