Hot Fall TV Premieres

Best Fall Premieres

Here’s a list of the premieres that rocked and those that did not.

How to Get Away with Murder – ABC

We’ve been away for so long but this premiere drew watchers right back into the intrigue without missing a beat.  We found out who killed Rebecca. We also find Annalisa still trying to explain away her husband’s murder without implicating her man on the side or her favorite student.

Best of all we get a stunning look into the future  –spoiler alert – some one is trying to murder Annalise.  Suddenly I know I’m locked in to Season 2.

Empire – CBS

Cookie may be a real “G” but Lucious is still in charge even from prison. The Season 2 premiere opens with Cookie, Jamal, Andre and Anika continuing to plot their hostile takeover while Empire’s leader is seemingly unaware of the situation. He’s got bigger things to worry about: a figure from Cookie’s dope slinging past is back.

Suddenly Cookie is have a bad day. Lucious undermines her plans to take the company back and there’s a drug dealer out to kill her.

Even when things seem to be clearing, Cookie is still on the bottom. But next week’s sneak peak reveals she’s not going to be there for long!

Scream Queens –FOX

Although there are some vulgar moments in the show, (more on that here) the special two-hour premiere left me wanting to just who is out to get the ladies of Kappa Kappa Tau.

Not So Hot Premieres

Scandal –ABC

The episode’s soundtrack promised us a new beginning but viewers got the same old love triangle. Fitz may have served his wife Mellie the divorce papers, but Olivia’s hesitation shows that this romance is still doomed to fail.

Big Bang Theory – CBS

The wedding that we’ve all been waiting for fell completely flat. Will Penny and Leonard ever get their relationship together?  Meanwhile did Sheldon almost propose to Amy?

Fear the Walking Dead –AMC

As a devoted Walking Dead Fan, I wanted this series to be another hit. Instead the story line is moving very slowly. In all fairness, the spin-off is trying to achieve something that the original show never did – reveal the very beginning of the zombie outbreak.


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