Is ‘Scream Queens’ Too Mean for TV Screens?

FOX’s new killer comedy “Scream Queens” promised to be a satire but are the mean girl jokes about obesity, race, and even the deaf too much?

The ladies of Kappa Kappa Tau are mean girls on steroids. The rich white daughters of powerful Republicans, these terrors walk faster, scream louder and throw some major shade.

It’s edgy for sure.

I loved the jokes about pumpkin spice lattes, the lack of diversity in PanHel sororities, and YouTube vloggers.

However there was more than a few remarks that didn’t sit right with me. The Insults leveled against the maid Mrs. Bean were down right uncomfortable. (Obese specimen of human filth? White mammy? House slave?)

I definitely wasn’t laughing at the remark about “fatties and ethics” or the deaf having halitosis.

Satire should have some basis in reality. How does that last joke make any sense?

Will this show survive?

“Scream Queens” does have some things going for it. The two-hour premiere felt like an exciting game of Clue with everyone pretty much being a suspect. The twist at the end of the pilot made me want to skip ahead to the second episode.

Jamie Lee Curtis was amazing as the scary, super strict Dean Cathy Munsch. There’s also the star power of cast members Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas.

Watch the full pilot here and decide for yourself if these queens are too over the top.


2 thoughts on “Is ‘Scream Queens’ Too Mean for TV Screens?

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