Fear the Walking Dead Episode 1 Recap

“You never listen to me” is a common refrain among young adults. It is also the explanation AMC’s “Fear The Walking Dead” gives for the zombie virus’s spread across the United States.

Nick Clark, an 18-year-old stoner, is the first to witness the zombie outbreak. He’s so freaked out he runs into traffic and is hit by a car. When he tells his story, the adults –police, doctors and parents — immediately try to make him out to be psychotic.

Tobias, a zit-faced boy, tries to tell his high school counselor Madison Clark (Nick’s mom!) the zombie sickness is spreading across five states. Still Mrs. Clark ignores his warning as the ravings of an Internet-addicted kid.

Even as kids refuse to go to school (or are they the zombies infecting everyone?), even after the teachers watch video of a dead man re-animating, even after Mrs. Clark and her boyfriend are attacked by a zombie, the adults still refuse to believe the zombie apocalypse is happening.

Is it possible that adults can be so naive?
Whether or not the whole adults-need-pay-better-attention-to-kids story line is a plausible storyline depends how FTWD writers explain where the virus came from and how it began spreading.

Government experiment gone wrong?

Bad drugs?

Mutated meningococcal virus?

We’ll have to see on Sunday’s episode.


(Photo Credit: AMC)


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