The Bachelorette Vs. The Bachelorette

Why do reality shows like The Bachelorette rely on cat fights as their special twist?

Viewers tolerate the competition between The Bachelor’s female contestants because one of those women will have a chance at quid pro quo in the Bachelorette. But this season’s “twist” short-changed two deserving women, taking away the power typically theirs on the first night and creating drama just so we can see two females feud.

I have conflicted emotions about this plot switch.

I loved Kaitlyn Bristowe in the last season of The Bachelor. She was honest and funny, and I thought Chris Soules made a mistake eliminating her. I was thrilled when she was named as the next Bachelorette. So part of me wants to watch this competition with claws bared.

But I also see how flipping the script screws both women over.

Both Kaitlyn and Britt Nilsson took Chris’ rejection hard. This should have been their time to feel wanted and take control of the dating game. But instead of being able to relax and focus on finding a connection, they are thrown right back into a place of uncertainty where they must once again worry about being chosen by a man.

The forced competition creates drama where there should be none. Kaitlyn struggled to match Britt’s warmth in the beginning. Britt also criticized her for cracking a joke during what is obviously an awkward moment. (HELLO! There are TWO Bachelorettes!)

Standing next to the cool, calm and collected Britt, Kaitlyn appears to be the weaker competitor. But in real life, it is normal to feel nervous. It’s normal to need some time to warm up to a guy (let alone 25 handsome men).

Additionally Kaitlyn entered the room a little earlier than planned. In the context of the show, it was unfair move. (I agree with Britt on that point.) But in real life, daters follow their instincts and Kaitlyn’s was telling her to thank the men for their clever entrances.

Overall it was sad to see The Bachelorette start out this way. As host Chris Harrison began counting the roses, many of the male contestants and both bachelorettes seemed to feel the same way.

Let’s hope there is some other twist that will allow them both to stay and find their future husbands.


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