Bo Derek about Sharknado 3 Role: No Acting Required!  

Sharknado screen grab

Bo Derek will star as Tara Reid’s mother in the third installment of the absurd yet fun TV movie series Sharknado. The 70s babe famous for slow-mo running down the beach in beaded braids in the film “10” talked about her role Yesterday on CBS’ magazine show Sunday Morning.

When asked what it’s like acting in “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No”, Dereck said “It wasn’t really acting.” Ouch.

“No, this was ‘Okay, look over your left shoulder. There’s a shark coming!’ You know, there are a lot of these! But being on a set, I love the business, I love the film business. And it’s always been good to me.”

David Hasselhoff, also starring in the SyFy film, dissed the movie’s quality in a March interview with HuffPost Live.

“You know, it’s the worst movie you have ever seen. The first one was the worst. The second one I think was even worse than the first. I’m so honored to be in ‘Sharknado 3.'”

“Sharknado 3” Trailer

OK, so the series about killer sharks swept up in a tornado and brought on land is known more for its crazy carnage and destruction than its acting.

But Sharknado 2, set in New York and jammed packed with celebrity cameos, drew over 3.9 million viewers making it Syfy’s most popular original movie.

“Sharknado 3,” premiering July 22, will be set in Washington D.C. and will have plenty of interesting guests including Michele Bachmann, Ann Coulter and Jerry Springer.  The network pledges “The third time promises to be a bloody fun charm.”

I’m expecting sharks in the White House, plenty of partisan ribbing and maybe surprise cameos by the president and the first lady. (Maybe?) One thing’s for sure: with both Derek and The Hoff in the movie, there should be plenty of slow motion running.


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