I’ve Been Profiled as a Sister of Impact

I have been profiled for career and lifestyle website The Corporate Sister as a “Sister of Impact.” The profile recognizes of the nine years I put into my career as a reporter.

Journalism is a tough field known for long hours, working weekends and holidays, and lots of criticism. It is, at times, a very thankless job.

Journalism is an especially tough field for minorities.

A study by the American Society of News Editors showed during the economic crisis the number of minorities in the newsroom dropped significantly. Washington Post editor Doris Truong told The Atlantic “Many journalists of color have the least protected jobs because they’re the least senior employees.”

I’ve faced that struggle head on in my career. As a college graduate, I worked hard, often as a low-paid freelancer, just get my foot in the door. As I continued to make inroads into the field, I’ve hit more than a few glass ceilings.

So it is truly rewarding to be recognized for my tenancity in the field. In the article, I share more about my career path and the hurdles that I faced along the way. I also share advice for other minority women in this field.

Check out the full interview HERE.

I will also be a weekly contributor to The Corporate Sister. So please check the site each week to be part of a growing conversation about women of color at work.


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